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My education in architecture school at USC allowed me to learn more about design progress rather than odd geometry shape. I think more and trying to learn how to reconcile idealism and reality. I think creating building is same as solving question. What’s the problem and how to solve it would be more interesting. Apart from that I also got LEED GA certified and International competition experience. All academic programs don’t mean I don’t have any practical experience. I just finished a temporary job last week. I worked as an architect assistant at (fer) studio, Inglewood, CA, which started from September. I knew it was a short-term job before I started, but I still worked for them. This type of job is very acceptable to me because I can familiar with different types of firms not only through websites but also their people and the way they work. Besides that I have taken two internships. One was in KlingStubbins during last summer. I helped in modeling Russian commercial zoning by using Revit. Another one was working at MAD in China for six months. My job was schematic design and modeling done by rhino.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Exposition Park Revitalize

Los Angeles has existing six mountains around, most of which are on the north side.  We could find pieces of green filed nearby neighborhood but no complex. The idea is to create a collection of museum, entertainment, hotel, park, and office within one complex green mountain. The mountain absorbs green field nearby and programs as many as possible. This is ionic creature, the seventh mountain in Los Angles, which covers the whole Exposition Park. The existing programs would be raised to higher levels. We reserve existing sport arena and other sports filed where they are, and add cinema on the first floor. The outdoors programs, such as playground, park, and swimming pool would be located at the middle of this mountain. Besides that, the upper levels would also be the grandstands for the game. Higher levels are hotel, parks and restaurants.  This would be a live outdoor green mountain with diverse programs inside. The only problem is who would support this monster? Our proposal also considers this issue. This is a free self-sufficient mountain. The outdoor programs are free for public, which would attract as many people as possible. The inside space are used not only for playground, but also library, restaurant, retail hotel, office and parking. Benefits obtain from interior space would support all the operation expense as well as outdoor playgrounds.

The whole concept is based on financial self-sufficient circulation. The outside playground is free for public. Definitely, free programs on mountain would attract people to come and play. On the other hand, people need to eat, entertainment and accommodation after playing. Therefore, our inside programs provide space for people to show financial support to outside free ground. Besides that, the whole green mountain would be a eco-friendly system. Outside vegetation reduce “heat island effects” from crowed urban area as well as air pollution and soil erosion. Shade, provide by plants would reduce heat and temperature as well. Plants would decompose waste, which produced by interior programs.

This green mountain is a self-sufficient living creature. 1-2 floors are parking, retail, and vendors for game day’s use. The wide ground nearby coliseum would be used for evacuation and football fields. Benefits get from parking and commercial activities are used for daily maintain of ground field.  Most office, indoor entertainment space, retail and large commercial space are located at third to seventh floor. In the middle of mountain would be a big void upper the coliseum, which are open to the around green area. Therefore, it would be the free charge grandstand for the game. Programs related offices within these areas are used for managing sports game, and its outreaching programs. On the far side of coliseum there are residential, dormitories and retail. This accommodation is most used by athlete, fans and green mountain traveller. These programs are not free. Change gets from these programs are used for green fields maintenance on these floors. The upper levels of seventh to fifteen are entertainment and connected commercials. Along with top levels of hotel, the benefits are used for maintaining as well. Overall, the private developer supports the whole building with their incomes. On the other hand, free open space would attract more people to use these facilities with charge. 

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