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My education in architecture school at USC allowed me to learn more about design progress rather than odd geometry shape. I think more and trying to learn how to reconcile idealism and reality. I think creating building is same as solving question. What’s the problem and how to solve it would be more interesting. Apart from that I also got LEED GA certified and International competition experience. All academic programs don’t mean I don’t have any practical experience. I just finished a temporary job last week. I worked as an architect assistant at (fer) studio, Inglewood, CA, which started from September. I knew it was a short-term job before I started, but I still worked for them. This type of job is very acceptable to me because I can familiar with different types of firms not only through websites but also their people and the way they work. Besides that I have taken two internships. One was in KlingStubbins during last summer. I helped in modeling Russian commercial zoning by using Revit. Another one was working at MAD in China for six months. My job was schematic design and modeling done by rhino.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Taipei City Museum of Art (International Competition)

We want to create a museum as a ceramic art. The façade and interior scale borrows from Old Street of Yingge, New Taipei, which make people feel the coherent of the museum and it’s surrounding. Whether it is from the station, Old Street, Yingge Ceramic museum or riverside bike lane, people wouldn’t notice the entrance of building after they get into the lobby. The intersection, dislocation, and visual through make the interior space more interesting. The old history and ceramic culture of Yingge make its special status in Taiwan. Unlike other contemporary museum, New Taipei Art Museum would combine the diverse functions together, for instance, ceramic exhibition and manufacture, culture study, and entertainment space for community. This museum would be a public space for people to share and gather together. 

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