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My education in architecture school at USC allowed me to learn more about design progress rather than odd geometry shape. I think more and trying to learn how to reconcile idealism and reality. I think creating building is same as solving question. What’s the problem and how to solve it would be more interesting. Apart from that I also got LEED GA certified and International competition experience. All academic programs don’t mean I don’t have any practical experience. I just finished a temporary job last week. I worked as an architect assistant at (fer) studio, Inglewood, CA, which started from September. I knew it was a short-term job before I started, but I still worked for them. This type of job is very acceptable to me because I can familiar with different types of firms not only through websites but also their people and the way they work. Besides that I have taken two internships. One was in KlingStubbins during last summer. I helped in modeling Russian commercial zoning by using Revit. Another one was working at MAD in China for six months. My job was schematic design and modeling done by rhino.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Gate _ Pinnacle Collection at Sentosa Cove International Competition

 The Gate 
Standing at just under tall, proudly locates in the south shoreline of Singapore, the seventy-Six meters height’s Grand Gate of Pinnacle Collection standing proudly. Gently, the shape is the result of a flowing series of spaces which have been lifted from the ground. The particular site made the entrance become more essential and signify importance. Altogether, the two towers, gates form a conversation between building and vistas as well as circumstance. 

The pattern of two gates is an icon of shape as well as meaning. Being a landmark near the ocean, the gate would evaluate Singapore shoreline‘s procession. It also drives the local entering and dwelling.

The Gates’ shape is a reflection of the twisted curve. It is the shape a free-hanging chain takes when held at both ends. This is referred to as the hyperbolic cosine function, but one does not need to study Physics to comprehend the perfect balance latent in such a form.

 The building situated picturesquely on the southern tip of the famous and highly-sought, Sentosa Cove Island. Natural beauty abounds, from the sparkling ocean’s diverse marina life to the lush tropical vegetation. The final piece of the grand vision for Sentosa Cove is residential in nature and provides an architectural icon for the shoreline, the island, and Singapore. An inspiring form, the scheme consists of a series of spaces interwoven with a continuous Greenbelt- a concept that effectively blurs the difference between building and nature, ground level and upper levels; and creates a flowing promenade for human activity. The slanted and arching form of the building welcomes patrons to the area with the tallest portions creating a pair of gate: grand Gates celebrating entrance and framing vistas of the picturesque surroundings. Actually, the building made a statement within the context of Singapore and Sentosa Cove by setting a standard for Eco-consciousness. Indeed, the design makes a case that to those most privileged lifestyles is given the responsibility of being a model for sustainable and green living in our modern world. The design celebrates its connection with nature and delights

Pinnacle Collection at Sentosa Cove (team work)
 Because its unique location, the building would become the landmark of Sentosa Cove as well as Singapore. I want to create the gate, ‘the Singapore gate’ which would be seen by every ship goes by the cove. In addition, it would be the ‘sunshine gate’ to resident that live there. Because the sunshine would through the gate and bring the light to people. People would see the hope rising from the gate everyday. 

Solar gain is minimized in the building’s orientation along an East-West axis. The facades on these elevations are then treated by providing carefully considered overhangs and shading devices. A generous canopy protects the public realm at ground level and buffers spaces below from the extremes of the tropical climate. Lush green spaces weave their way throughout the building and site, creating roof-top, mid-level balcony gardens, further integrating the building with nature.

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